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Aloa 27
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Flotilla Sailing
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Flotilla Sailing Gocek Turkey

The Robert Perry-designed Aloa 27 is a supple and seaworthy cabin yacht
27 feet in length and 9.5 feet in beam accommodating four persons,
two in a double-bunked forepeak, a third in a single berth aft, and a fourth in the salon.
Displacing 5200 lbs, she has a sail area of 419 square feet (main and genoa)
and is equipped with an 18 hp Yanmar diesel engine.

Flotilla Sailing Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Length: 26.8 feet
Beam: 9.5 feet
Draft: 4.3 feet
Sail Area: 419 sq ft (Genoa)
Engine: 18 hp Yanmar
Displacement: 5,200 lbs
Water Tanks: 63 gal
Fuel Tanks: 13 gal


Furling Headsail
VHF Radio-Telephone
Fully Equipped Galley, Hand-Held Shower
Tender w/Paddles

Bare Boat Sailing Turkey

Flotilla Sailing Turkey And Greece

Flotilla Sailing Greece

Bare Boat Sailing Greece

Flotilla Sailing Sarsala Bay

Bare Boat Sailing Turkey

Flotilla Sailing Turkey And Greece

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A Crewed Yacht Sailing In Turkey And Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning bare boat sailing in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank you. Are you searching for a small sailing yacht on which to cruise Turkey or Greece? Are you considering a yacht charter in Turkey? As part of a flotilla? Or are you dreaming of a yacht charter in Greece? Perhaps you are hoping to sail to Greece from Turkey. How about letting a flotilla yacht take you there. Or how about chartering a flotilla yacht to solo cruise the coast of ancient Lycia. Or to sail Cleopatra's Honeymoon Route along the coast of Caria and among Greek Dodecanese islands. While you honeymoon or holiday yourself. Wouldn't you love to have an intimate holiday cruising the clear-water coves and bays of Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Wouldn't you love to have an intimate holiday aboard a charter yacht proceeding leisurely from one clear-water cove or back bay to another. As did Djafer Reis during the years from 1530 Flotilla Sailing Turkey and Greeceto 1571. Starting in Gocek? Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? For Fethiye in Turkey? They are almost due east of Rhodes on your nautical chart. At the far corners of the gulf you see there. It was the sea between Gocek and Rhodes and between Rhodes and other Latin islands of the Aegean that the corsair Djafer cruised with his own flotilla, the lead galley with 24 oars to a side, other smaller units with 17-22. Often flying Ottoman colors, but sometimes not, Djafer was bent on plundering Latin shipping and Latin islands of which there were then many in the Aegean, some until 1523 possessions of the Knights of Rhodes, some possessions of Genoa, but most possessions of Venice taken at the time of the Fourth Crusade. Djafer was a Latin by birth, Calabrian, and how or why he developed his irritation with other Latins is not recorded. It may be presumed, however, that Spanish occupation of his native Calabria when a child, bringing with it Spanish taxes and the Spanish Inquisition, may have had something to do with it. Djafer Reis, or Djafer Aga Pasha as he was eventually known, is most famous for buying a fellow-Calabrian out of slavery, making him lead oarsman on his lead galley, and for sanctioning the wedding of his daughter to a man who by then had become his boatswain. The boatswain's name was Luca Galieni who would foreswear his religion and rise to become kapudan pasha or lord high admiral of the Ottoman Navy. Both would participate in the battle of Preveza under Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa, in the siege of Malta under Piali Pasha and Dragut, and in the Battle of Lepanto under Muezzinzade Ali Pasha, each a fierce encounter with Latins. It is doubtful that Djafer made it to Gocek as Gocek was a backwater during the sixteenth century. It is no backwater today. In Gocek we can put you aboard a bare boat sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a bare boat charter yacht and show you the flat sailing waters of the Gulfs of Gocek and Fethiye, show you Djafer's path down the coast of Lycia, show you Luca Galieni's routes up and down the coast of Turkey and among Greek islands. A comfortable bare boat available for intimate charter or flotilla charter in Turkey. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at