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Budget Cruising Turkey

Ketch-rigged and kindly under sail,
Aylin Mary is 57-feet in length and has three double guest cabins, each with en suite water closet and each soundproofed within solid bulkheads. The pilot house opens to a comfortable quarterdeck with shaded dining and lounging areas ideal for relaxation and camaraderie.

Budget Cruising Greece Budget Cruising Turkey

Budget Cruising Greece

On deck
Aylin Mary has the space and comfort associated with larger yachts
including uncluttered teak decks and abundant lounging area both open and under awning.
Cushioned cabin top and foredeck seating invite guests to hours of quiet relaxation.

Budget Cruising Greece Budget Cruising Turkey

Year Built: 1988
Year Refit: 2007
Length: 57 ft
Beam: 15 ft
Sail Area: 1,420 sq ft
Engine: 210 hp Iveco
Cruising Speed: 7 kts
Generator: 12 kva
Water Capacity: 725 gal
Fuel Capacity: 260 gal
Budget Cruising Greece Equipment:

VHF Radio-Telephone
Cell Phone
Navigation Suit
Television w/DVD Player
Stereo System w/CD Player
Sun Mats
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Tender with 5 hp Outboard

Budget Cruising Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning budget cruising in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for budget cruising, perhaps for a charter gulet budget cruising in Turkey or Greece. You could be thinking of a charter gulet cruising the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Or of a charter gulet budget cruising from off-the-beaten-track Greek island to off-the-beaten-track Greek island. You may be dreaming of basking under a gentle sun while floating on an azure sea. You may be considering a visit to the crossroads of history. Or you may hope to do all of the above. How about doing some or all of the above aboard a crewed charter gulet with accommodations for three couples. The Aylin Mary, a comfortable sea-kindly ketch named for the owner/skipper's daughter, accommodates up to six guests in three private cabins. You might charter Aylin Mary to cruise the Ceramic Gulf beating at the sea wall of her home port at Bodrum, trolling for seafood with her skipper reputed to be an accomplished fisherman. Or you might charter Aylin Mary to budget cruise early-sixteenth century tracks left by corsairs such as Sinan of Smyrna along the southwest coast of Turkey and among Aegean islands of Greece then Venetian. Sinan was hunting for Latin prey at the crossroads of history while playing hide and seek with Latin Hospitaller Knights of Rhodes, knights such as Jean Parisot de la Valetta, a sea commanderBudget Cruising Mediterranean at Rhodes and later Grand Master at Malta, and Paolo Simeoni, another sea commander who had in 1506 as a single knight 18 years of age rallied Greek women and children to successful defense of the Knights castle at Leros against an assault by the Turkish admiral Camali at the head of more than a dozen vessels with 500 janissaries embarked. At other times Sinan was playing hide and seek with the Genovese fleet of Andrea Doria. Or perhaps with the Venetian fleet of Andrea Doria. At various times Doria commanded both at once. So too did Andrea Doria's nephew Giovanni (Gian Andrea) Doria, both playing hide and seek with the wily Sinan who learned his sailing on the Etesian Imbat while dodging sand banks in the Gulf of Smyrna. Here we are speaking of the Sinan who by the age of 20 co-owned with Turgut (Dragut) and others a small galliot operating in the early years of the sixteenth century out of Egyptian Alexandria and into the Aegean. We are not speaking of Sinan Pasha, Croatian brother of Grand Vizier Rustem Pasha, who later in the same century became Kapudan Pasha or Lord High Admiral of the Ottoman Navy. Nor are we speaking of Cigalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha from Messina who still later in the sixteenth century also became Kapudan Pasha. We are speaking of one of Curtogoli's captains at the 1522 siege of Rhodes. And we are speaking of one of Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa's captains at the 1538 Battle of Preveza depicted at right when Andrea Doria and his Papal fleet were defeated, the defeat excluding a squadron of Knights vessels commanded by Simeoni.Budget Cruising 
Greece Why not put all of this together, cruising in Sinan's wake while holidaying on an azure sea. Why not have a family holiday aboard a crewed sailing gulet budget cruising the crossroads of history. Your family perhaps including school-age children with history and geography texts. Or why not have dear friends holiday with you aboard a gulet budget cruising leisurely from here to there. Or from there to here. Why not charter a crewed gulet budget cruising the near Dodecanese as well as Sinan's native shore. Starting in Bodrum. Or in Izmir. Are you searching for Izmir in Turkey? Well, it's about thirty-five miles down the Gulf of Smyrna with the Imbat at your back. In fact, Izmir was Smyrna until well after Sinan. Until well after all three Sinans! Izmir or Smyrna or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed gulet for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter gulet with an experienced crew able to show you the entire coast of Turkey, able to show you the haunts, some say pirate haunts, of Sinan of Smyrna and of his many brothers-in-arms, including four Barbarossa brothers-in-law. And we can discuss where Sinan was headed when and why. So, too, can the crew of Aylin Mary, a fine charter gulet budget cruising Turkey and Greece. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at