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Blue Capricorn
Greece and Turkey

Gulet Cruising Greece

This stylish schooner
is maintained to a standard of charter excellence equaled by few others, and with thirteen years of charter service she is now a proven veteran thoroughly familiar with cruising the Turkish coast and Aegean Greece. Her warm woods, decor, and appointments welcome charter guests.

Gulet Cruising Greece Accommodations:

Forward Master Suite
After Master Suite
Double Cabin
Three Twin-Bed Cabins
Six En-Suite Bathrooms
Air Conditioning
Separate Crew Quarters
Gulet Cruising Turkey
Gulet Cruising Greece Specifications:

Year Built: 2002,
Refit: 2007
Length: 90 ft, Beam: 24 ft
Sail Area: 3,765 sq ft
Displacement: 128 tons
Engines: (2) 440 hp MAN
Generators: (2) 22.5kva
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Water: 1,580 gal
Fuel: 1,050 gal
Water Maker: 1,080 gal/day
Gulet Cruising Turkey

Gulet Cruising Greece

Gulet Cruising Turkey

Gulet Cruising Turkey

Gulet Cruising Greece


Speedboat with 50 hp Engine, Water Skis,
(2) Kayaks, Windsurfer,
Tender with 9 hp Engine,
Fishing Tackle,
Television with DVD Player,
Stereo with CD Player,
Internet Satellite Relay
Refrigerators, Deep Freeze, Ice-maker,
Cellular Phone, VHF Radio-Telephone,
Depth Sounder, Autopilot, Radar, GPS

Crewed Yacht Charter Greece

Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey

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