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Charter Gulet Sailing Turkey

This sleek wooden staysail schooner sailing Greece and Turkey
here flying a foretopsail is graceful and fast, while her appointments accent an unyielding attention to detail. Furnishings are practical and comfortable, permitting ample area for relaxation as well as space for six guests to maneuver. Her topside is clutter-free and incorporates awnings where appropriate.
The crew is professional and the galley serves a superior Turkish cuisine.

Charter Gulet Sailing Greece Charter Boat Cruising Greece

Charter Gulet Sailing Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Built: 2003
Length: 72 ft, Beam: 17 ft
Sail Area: 3,120 sq ft
Engine: 210 hp Iveco
Generator: 220v 12kva Onan
Water: 660 gal
Fuel: 400 gal
Speed: 9 knots


Three Ensuite Cabins,
Master, Double, and Twin
Air Conditioned
Large Salon
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Sun Mattresses
Separate Crew Quarters


Tender with Outboard
Two Kayaks
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Radar, VHF Radio
Television/DVD Player
Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley

Charter Gulet Sailing Greece Charter Boat Cruising Greece

Charter Gulet Sailing Turkey

Charter Gulet Sailing Greece

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Gulet Sailing Turkeyconsider a charter gulet sailing holiday in Turkey or Greece or both. This Cassandra is a proven motor-sailing gulet catering to families or to small parties of six or less. She offers charter sailing holidays along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey and among Aegean islands of Greece. She is able to cruise Turkey's Troad, home to ancient Troy. That's right, consider chartering a crewed sailing gulet to cruise Cassandra's sea. The Aegean. Near Cassandra's home in the Troad. Yes, Cassandra was a native of Anatolia, Priam's daughter, Priam of Troy. Cassandra came to a violent end at Troy, torn by the Greeks from a temple of Athena. It was this sacrilege which led Poseidon to call forth a fearful tempest which destroyed much of the Greek fleet on its way home and brought about the Odyssey. Troy is just above Lesbos and just below the Dardanelles or Hellespont. Lesbos is not far from Pergamum, and Pergamum is not far from Ephesus. With a host of beaches in between. From the Troad you would be able to reprise the apostle Paul's routes through and past Ephesus along the coast of Turkey and among Greek islands. Particularly the return from his third mission. On your holiday. Yes, a holiday aboard a charter sailing gulet cruising the Aegean coast of Turkey and sailing from Lesbos to Chios to Samos. With friends in company as you holiday aboard a charter gulet proceeding leisurely from one enchanting locale to the next enchanting locale. You might like to also detour into the Greek Cyclades with your charter sailing gulet. The Cyclades in mid-Aegean. Starting the latter excursion in Bodrum. Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? It's about eleven miles northeast of Greek Kos, the latter also visited by St. Paul while returning from his third mission. In Bodrum or Kos or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed charter gulet for the sailing holiday of a lifetime, for a holiday you just would not believe. We can put you aboard a charter gulet sailing through the pre-history and history of both Turkey and Greece, a charter gulet with an experienced crew able to show you Cassandra's sea, able to show you Saint Paul's routes up and down the the west and southwest coasts of Turkey and among neighboring Greek islands, and able to show you the Cyclades of Sifnos, Paros, and Santorini, as well. Cassandra, a fine charter gulet sailing Turkey and Greece. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at