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Vintage Gulet
The Eastern Mediterranean

Gulet Eastern Mediterranean

This vintage five-cabin ketch-rigged motor-sailing gulet was completely refurbished in 2009.
Little more than her original frame remains. While she looks and feels new inside and out,
her crew of four is experienced and accommodating.

Charter Gulet Eastern Mediterranean Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Gulet Eastern Mediterranean

Charter Gulet Eastern Mediterranean Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Gulet Eastern Mediterranean

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1993
Year Refit: 2009
Length: 82 ft
Beam: 21 ft
Sail Area: 1,880 sq ft
Engine: 372 hp M.A.N.
Generators: 220 v
Water Tanks: 2,350 gal
Fuel: 1,050 gal
Crew: 4
Cruising Speed: 10 knots

Five cabins
two masters, two doubles, one twin
each cabin with
en suite WC and shower.
Tastefully furnished salon
with indoor dining
and entertainment center
opening to large quarterdeck
and alfresco dining.
Air conditioned throughout.

VHF & Mobile Telephones
Flat Screen TV w/DVD Player
CD Stereo System
Deck Awnings
Ski Boat w/60 hp Motor
Water Skis
Two Kayaks
Snorkeling Gear
Fishing Tackle
Tender w/10 hp Outboard
Fully Equipped Galley

Charter Gulet Eastern Mediterranean Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Gulet Eastern Mediterranean

Charter Gulet Eastern Mediterranean Accommodation Plan:

1 - Indoor Dining
2 - Bar
3 - Galley
4 - Double Bed Cabin
5 - Double Bed Cabin
6 - Twin Bed Cabin
7 - Forward Master Cabin
8 - Crew Quarters
9 - Aft Master Cabin

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning vintage gulet cruising in the eastern Mediterranean may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank You. Could you be searching for "Enderim?" Not likely. Enderim translates as either "My Ender" as in "My Son," or, loosely, as "My Unique Vessel." Likely you are searching for gulets cruising the eastern Mediterranean, perhaps for vintage gulets. There would seem no other reason a search engine might direct you to this web page. What you have found is an aesthetically-pleasing vintage gulet charter sailing Turkey and Greece from her homeport in Bodrum, Turkey. So please consider Enderim, a sleek ketch-rigged gulet charter cruising the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean coasts of Turkey as well as among Aegean islands of Greece. A graceful gulet charter sailing the azure Aegean. Charter sailing Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Charter sailing through history at the crossroads of history. Blue Cruising among Aegean islands once Latin off the coast of Asia Minor. How about doing some or all of these things aboard a crewed Charter Gulet Eastern Mediterraneancharter yacht with twenty-three years of eastern Mediterranean experience. That's how she used to look at the left, before her total re-build six years ago. The photos further up this page indicate that a colossal change has taken place. Thus there are now years of experience handling new rigging propelling new appointments. Charter guests could not ask for more. A yacht with lots of uncluttered teak deck ideal for reading in sun or shade while boning up on history, a yacht able to catch the wind and race to the next destination. How about beginning your holiday racing along the coast of Turkey's ancient Lycia, home to many of Homer's Trojan heroes. Or how about beginning with a sail in corsair wake, the wake of Bodrum's own Turgut Reis, along the coast of Turkey and among Aegean islands once Latin. On your holiday! How about having a family holiday, an extended family holiday, aboard a crewed sailing gulet cruising the Turkish Riviera? Or how about having a group of friends holiday with you aboard a vintage gulet proceeding leisurely from one intriguing locale to the next intriguing locale? How about chartering a sailing yacht to cruise the eastern Mediterranean. Cruise the eastern Mediterranean as did the aforementioned Turgut known in the west as Dragut, a mariner without peer who rose through Mediterranean privateer ranks to become an Ottoman admiral. How about chartering a crewed yacht to cruise the Cyclades and Sporades islands of Greece as did Turgut when seeking Latin prey. Turgut was born in 1485 on the Bodrum peninsula of Turkey near a seaside village later called Karatoprak, since renamed Turgut Reis, 20-odd kilometers from Bodrum town. The Bodrum peninsula was then largely populated by a Greek-speaking people of Dorian and Carian stock, Orthodox Christians dependent for livelihood on the sea, while Bodrum itself as well as neighboring Kos were occupied by Hospitaller Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. The Knights were Latin Christians and Latin Christians were unwelcome in the Greek Orthodox world because of their 1204 sack of the Orthodox capital at Constantinople and ensuing occupation of the Greek Aegean. At the age of between ten and twelve years Turgut was conscripted into the Ottoman standing army. The standing army was comprised of janissaries and household cavalry and was restricted to Christians by birth. Turgut's conscription may have been in consequence of a periodic devsirme draft, or it may have been effected in consequence of an Ottoman military foray into the peninsula, or it may have simply been a consequence of a single mother wishing her son a better life. However effected, conscription was Charter Gulet Eastern 
Mediterraneanroutinely followed by conversion to Islam, language immersion when necessary, and years of training at one of the janissary schools in or near Constantinople. As Turgut is next reported in Cairo in the company of an Ottoman artillery officer, his training may well have included time as a topcu or gunner at Tophane in Galata. It was in 1502 that Mamluk Egypt turned to the Ottomans for support against the threat of Persian expansion, and it was in the Spring of 1504 that plague struck Cairo, persisting for two years. It was likely in this interim when about 19 years of age that Turgut arrived in Cairo, and on the plague-stricken death of his military superior that Turgut departed Cairo for Alexandria. In Alexandria he came to the attention of Sinan of Smyrna, future brother-in-law of Aruj and Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa, and of Acsac Reis, later to be known as Zoppo for his peg leg, and soon to become a Barbarossa lieutenant. Together they taught Turgut seamanship and he taught them how to lay a cannon. It was to become a lifelong partnership, and for Latin Venice which had just concluded a four year war with the Ottomans, it was the beginning of a protracted trauma. Turgut under Sinan and later in command of his own galliot operated from Alexandria raiding the Venetian Aegean depicted in blue and violet on the accompanying map. His prey included not only the large island of Candia (Crete) but also the Cyclades islands of Naxos, Paros, Tinos, Milos, Kythnos, Kea, Andros, and Thera (Santorini), more particularly merchant shipping plying the waters in between and from the islands to Venice itself. Turgut's eighty-year life was too momentous and encompassed too many chapters to do it justice here, but come aboard Enderim and explore Turgut's early tracks along the Bodrum peninsula, come aboard Enderim and trace his subsequent corsair expeditions into the Latin Aegean. Enderim, a vintage lady of the sea available for charter in the eastern Mediterranean. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at