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Greece And Turkey

Chartering Greece

This custom ketch-rigged sailing yacht chartering Greece and Turkey
was built in the United States to a design by the Canadian naval architect William Garden.
With discerning and caring owners, Estralano accommodates 6 guests in a master and two double cabins. All cabins have separate entrances and are well ventilated by hatches, portholes, and oscillating fans. The master suite has a king-size bed, remote-controlled multi-system VCR/color TV, air conditioning, and an en-suite bathroom replete with jacuzzi/bath/shower combination. There is a second large bathroom forward.
The crew has separate quarters.

Chartering Greece And Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: ca1965
Refit: 2005 (Looks New 2014)
Length: 61 ft
Beam: 16 ft
Engine: 120 hp Perkins
Generators: (2) 6 kva 110/220v
Water: 390 gal
Sail Area: 1,050 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 7.5 knots

Chartering Turkey


(2) Water Makers
Radar, PC & Printer
VHF & Ham Radios
Television, Video Player
Stereo Music System
Clothing Washer/Dryer
Master Cabin Air Conditioner
Tender w/ Outboard
Dive Compressor

Chartering Turkey And Greece

Estralano's interior is of solid teak, magnificently maintained.
The light, airy, and comfortable salon has an all-round view.

Chartering Turkey

Chartering Greece

Chartering Greece

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