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Jeanneau 53
Bareboat Cruising
Turkey And Greece

Bareboat Cruising Turkey

A creation of Philippe Briand and Garroni Premorel,
this charter yacht bareboat cruising Greece and Turkey is an exceptional performer under sail
and an elegant home away from home. A fast hull encloses a most pleasurable ambience of soft woods and understated appointment with lots of natural lighting. The yacht is configured with five guest cabins, four with double beds and one with over-and-under berths, sharing three bathrooms.

Bareboat Cruising Greece Bareboat Cruising Greece

Bareboat Cruising Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Length: 52.7 ft
Beam: 15.6 ft
Draft: 7.4 ft
Displacement: 33,000 lbs
Sail Area: 1,420 sq ft
Engine: 110 hp Yanmar
Water: 251 gal
Fuel: 63 gal
Cruising Speed: 8 knots

Bareboat Cruising Turkey


Furling Headsail
Furling Main
Bimini Top
GPS & Auto-Pilot
Bow Thruster
Electric Windlass
Tender with Outboard
VHF Radio-Telephone
CD Music System

Bareboat Cruising Turkey

Bareboat Cruising Greece

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