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Turkey And Greece

Holiday Cruising Turkey And Greece

This ketch-rigged motor-sailer holiday cruising Turkey and Greece
was formerly named Blue Piranha. She has five en-suite cabins, one master and four double, each air conditioned. There is a large salon for indoor dining and relaxation. The quarterdeck has alfresco dining facilities and cushioned seating. There are sun mattresses on the cabin-top and separate crew quarters.

Holiday Cruising Greece

Master Cabin

Holiday Cruising Greece

Double Cabin

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2000
Year Refit: 2009
Length: 75 ft
Beam: 23 ft
Engine: 360 hp Mercedes
Generators: 33 kva & 17 kva
Water: 1,060 gal
Fuel: 660 gal
Sail Area: 3,875 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 9 knots


VHF Radio-Telephone
TV w/DVD, CD Stereo Music System
Tender with 70 hp Outboard
Water Skis
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Deep Freeze

Holiday Cruising Greece


Holiday Cruising Greece

Formal Dining

Holiday Cruising Greece


Holiday Cruising Greece


Holiday Cruising Turkey

Holiday Cruising Turkey

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Ancient Iassos the coinage of which memorializes the association of boy and dolphin, while the dolphins still abound, playing in the white water of the nearby Gulf of Gulluk. Knidos which once harbored both Saint Paul and Praxiteles' nude Aphrodite, and many more destinations the perfect backdrop for history instruction. And for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. Starting in Turkey. Starting at Kusadasi. Are you searching for Kusadasi in Turkey? Kusadasi is about fifty minutes by road from the international airport at Izmir and about twenty nautical miles from the Greek island of Samos. At Kusadasi or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed sailing gulet for the holiday of a lifetime. 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