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Bare Boat Charters Greece

Designed by renowned naval architects
Berret / Racoupeau Yacht Design and based on the highly successful Oceanis 473, the Oceanis 393 is a fast 39-foot cruising hull that fulfills the need for compact bare boat charter yachts sailing Greece and Turkey. Roomier and boasting some of the best accommodations to be found in yachts of this size,
the Oceanis 393 has pleased thousands of discerning charter guests.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 39.3 ft
Beam: 13.0 ft
Draft: 6.2 ft
Sail Area: 807 sq ft
Engine: 55 hp Yanmar
Displacement: 17,152 lbs
Water Tanks: 130 gal
Fuel Tanks: 40 gal

Bare Boat Charters Turkey


Furling Headsail
Furling Main
Bimini Top
Electric Windlass
VHF Radio-Telephone
CD Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley
Dingy w/Outboard

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

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