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Bare Boat Rentals Greece

The Oceanis 473
combines interior comfort, room, and light with elegant lines and extraordinary sea-going performance. Designed by naval architects Groupe Finot, she is available in both three-cabin and four-cabin models, boasts more features and creature comforts than ever before in a boat this size, and was awarded
2001 Best Production Cruiser of the Year.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 46.9 ft
Beam: 14.1 ft
Draft: 6.9 ft
Sail Area: 1,108 sq ft
Engine: 78 hp Volvo
Displacement: 24,280 lbs
Water Tanks: 155 gal
Fuel Tanks: 65 gal

Bare Boat Rentals Turkey


Furling Headsail, Furling Main,
Bimini Top
Bow Thruster, Autopilot
Electric Windlass
VHF Radio-Telephone
CD Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley
Dingy w/Outboard

Bareboat Rentals Greece

Bareboat Rentals Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Bare Boat Rentals Greece

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Bare Boat Rentals Turkey

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning bare boat rentals in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a bare boat rental on which to cruise the Turkish coast or among nearby Greek islands. Why else would you be peering at this web page! In search of information concerning Caraman Ali? That seems unlikely. Even we use that seagoing rogue merely as an example of unending history at the crossroads of history. So, which is it? Turkey or Greece? Could you be considering a bare boat charter in Turkey? Or a bare boat charter-hired in Turkey and sailed to Greece? Which is it? Well, as our bare boats are available for both purposes, how about a bare boat accommodating three or four couples? 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One small chapter in the annals of history. Join us at the crossroads of history. Bring your children. Catch up on lessons the classrooms omit. We have superb Oceanis 473 bare boats available for rental in Gocek and Bodrum, Turkey. And we have lots of history. Those outnumbered vessels resting on the harbor floor? The plugs were reinstalled and the ballast off-loaded. Galleys and galliots resurfaced! For history or holiday contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at