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Sailing Greece

Jennifer Abercrombie

Jennifer Abercrombie is the founder of Charter Yachts Turkey.
A native of Derbyshire, England, she took her baccalaureate in computer sciences and obtained employment in the Aero-Engine Manufacturing Division of Rolls-Royce PLC, eventually becoming a Systems Project Leader. She first began exploring Greece and Turkey in 1988 and relocated to the latter country in 1994. In 1995 she took employment as co-manager of marina facilities at the Club Marina in Gocek. There she obtained an appreciation for the needs and wishes of both holiday-goers and the charter yacht community as well as experience in facilities and financial management. She also acquired a proficiency in the Turkish language and experience working with both Turkish nationals and others from different parts of the world. The knowledge and experience of Turkey, culture, cuisine, and holiday-goers that she acquired, together with her love of sailing and people, enabled Mrs. Abercrombie in 1998 to establish
Charter Yachts Turkey, an agency dedicated to meeting the needs of yacht charterers. When not in Gocek Jenny resides with her husband and their two children in Derby, England.


Gordon Abercrombie

Gordon Abercrombie has since 1998 been the general manager of Charter Yachts Turkey.
He spent much of his youth in Annapolis, Maryland, in Ankara, Turkey, and in Plymouth, England. In Plymouth he served in the Royal Navy Sea Cadets and was assigned to HMS Golden Hind. Returning to Annapolis he obtained a bachelor's degree in Naval Science from the U.S. Naval Academy, thereafter serving on destroyers with the Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets, frequently visiting Greece and Turkey.
Following tours of duty in Viet Nam, in Washington, D.C., and with the Pacific Fleet, Lieutenant Commander Abercrombie resigned his commission and entered the investment banking business where he eventually rose to positions in senior management. Leaving investment banking in 1981, he purchased his own cutter-rigged yacht and set sail for the eastern Mediterranean where the yacht has remained since arrival in 1983. From 1975 through 1997 Mr. Abercrombie was a member of the Board of Directors of E Capital Corporation and from 1988 through 1997 of Wedbush Capital Corporation, both in Los Angeles
where he also served on the Audit Committee of Wedbush Morgan Securities. The author of two manuscripts concerning a fictional sailor, Mr. Abercrombie resides in Gocek and in Derby, England,
with his wife and their children.

Sailing Greece

William Abercrombie

Born in Marmaris, Turkey, in 1997,
William Abercrombie is employed by Charter Yachts Turkey as a gofor and jack-of-all-trades.
He is principally engaged in delivery of yachts under power, hauling on halyards of yachts under sail,
and the heaving of mooring lines on yachts arriving. Fluent in Turkish, he also knows a few Greek phrases appropriate in tavernas, strums a guitar idly, and engages haphazardly in his studies.
Recreational pursuits include Optimist sailing, an avocation at which he has been designated Captain,
and basketball, an athletic endeavor at which he has few natural attributes.
He is nevertheless a valuable member of the Charter Yachts team
when not otherwise preoccupied.

Sailing Greece

Sian Abercrombie

Born in Marmaris, Turkey, in 1998,
Sian Abercrombie is employed by Charter Yachts Turkey as a figurehead and to grace the decks of unemployed charter yachts. At such times she is principally engaged in ignoring all but her holiday.
Fluent in Turkish, she knows a few Greek phrases, is an accomplished pianist, spends a lot of time pondering backgammon moves, reading boarding-school thrillers, and dreaming of piloting small aircraft over the Mojave Desert. She is even so a valuable member of the Charter Yachts team when able to break from her other pursuits. When not in Gocek Sian may be found at boarding school
in Manchester or at home in Derby.

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter yachts sailing in Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank You. Charter Yachts Turkey provides yacht charter clients full service. It engages in the search for, inspection of, and proffering to prospective charterers of yachts available for charter, suggesting to clients the best alternative given client preferences. Charter Yachts Turkey also tenders travel advice, suggesting places to stay and things to do en route to Greece and Turkey. It facilitates foreign currency exchange, and it designs sailing itineraries, again based on client preferences. Charter Yachts Turkey offers sailing holidays at the crossroads of history where the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and Aegean islands of Greece meet. Sailing Greece. Sailing Turkey. A yacht charter in Turkey. Yacht charters in Greece. Crewed yachts. Crewed motor-sailers or gulets. Bare boats and bareboats sailing Turkey and sailing Greece. These crossroads of history pass through the birthplace of Homer at Chios not far from the Troad locale of his Iliad and along the route of his Odyssey. They also pass through Halicarnassus, birthplace of Herodotus who wrote the first history entitled History, and through Kos the birthplace of Hippocrates who gave us the Hippocratic Code of Ethics. Alexander's Path through the near east was along our shores. Cleopatra's Honeymoon Route was off our shores and among our islands. The Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem for two hundred years made their home here, at Rhodes, at Halicarnassus, at Kos, and elsewhere nearby. The Barbarossa brothers were born here, on the island of Lesbos, as were a plethora of other corsairs and pirates. And we had Ottoman sultans and princes, as well, Suleiman The Law Giver and Korkut the poet and composer among them. We had storied women: Sappho the poet of Mytilene; Aspasia of Miletus, queen consort of Athens; the two Artemisias, queens of Caria and Rhodes; Irina, the only woman to rule the Roman Empire; the two Baffos, Cecilia and Sofia, who became, respectively, Nurbanu and Safiye, and who ruled the Ottoman Empire from the harem. Not to mention waves of mounted Amazons who came down from the Black Sea coast of Turkey to engage Lycian warriors of Turkey's Xanthos Valley.


One of the more interesting individuals to visit the crossroads of history was Alonso de Contreras, a Spanish soldier of fortune and corsair. One reason he is interesting is that he left one of the few first-person accounts of early 17th century life off our shores. Entitled Vida Del Capitan Alonso De Contreras and mostly written over eleven days in October 1630, it is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a rogue for all seasons. During the spring and summer of 1599 Contreras at the age of 17 made two excursions to the Levant aboard a large lateen and square-rigged galleon commissioned by Bernardino de Cárdenas y Portugal, Duke of Maqueda and Viceroy of Spanish Sicily, during the course of which he not only became plunder-wealthy but also became an expert cartographer. His portolan or pilot of our shores rests today in the Biblioteca Nacional de España at Madrid. Contreras was a wonderful cartographer but an unfortunate gambler, and throughout his life money came fast and went just as fast. He was also frequently in trouble with the authorities and with women. Shortly after his second excursion to the Levant he was forced to flee Sicily, and for the second time in as many flights landed in Malta. There he took service with Gaspard de Monreal, one of the aforementioned Knights of Saint John, then the Knights of Malta, and again sailed for the Levant aboard a galleon. In an engagement at Cavus south of Antalya he distinguished himself in combat to such a degree that a year later in 1601 he was awarded command of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt's own two-masted, lateen-rigged, frigate (or galliot as depicted above) with a crew of 37 oarsmen and marines. On his second trip to the Aegean under a Maltese letter of marque he was cornered at Fourni near Patmos by two galleys under Suleiman of Catania, a renegade Italian then Pasha of Chios, escaping with damage, an inch to spare, and Suleiman's ire. Later that year he came up our coast against our prevailing NW wind resting at night. His waypoints included Estanamur (west of Anamur), Satalia (Antalya), Puerto Genoves (Port Genovese), Cape Silidonia (Cape Gelidonia), La Finica (Finike), El Cacamo (Kekova Roads), Castilrojo (Kastellorizon), Siete Cavas (Seven Capes), Aguas Frias (Cold Water Bay), and Lamgra (Fethiye), demonstrating if nothing else how little control of its coasts the Ottoman Empire exercised in 1601. Weeks later he learned that Suleiman of Catania was at sea again, and so one night not yet 20 years of age he put into a back bay at Chios, knocked on the Pasha's door, and kidnapped his mistress, an Hungarian beauty. This but a glimpse at one chapter in an exciting history with the opposite sex too elaborate to recount here, but Vida Del Capitan Alonso De Contreras is recommended reading. Charter Yachts Turkey recommends, as well, customized charter yacht sailing holidays or honeymoons by way of the Contreras track. Or a sailing holiday in Greece designed by Charter Yachts Turkey with guest input. A charter yacht sailing holiday cruising the historic southwest of Turkey. A Blue Cruise. A honeymoon sailing Greece. Or a honeymoon in Turkey. A charter sailing yacht in Greece cruising among Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. Island hopping. Greek island hopping. Or a crewed charter sailing yacht to sail the west coast of Turkey. A honeymoon or holiday sailing Greece or Turkey or both. A honeymoon or holiday aboard a proper sailing yacht chartered in Greece. Or a honeymoon or holiday aboard a proper yacht chartered in Turkey. Charter your yacht from Charter Yachts Turkey, an agency dedicated to client service. Sailing Turkey. Sailing Greece. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at or phone us at +90-533-230-5781.